Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kennel Cover

I just realized that I should put a picture of the kennel cover on. After all, I spent WAY more hours making it than the nursing covers or taggies! So, here it is! Not perfect, but WAY better than seeing black grating when I walk in my bedroom!

Then, since the sewing machine was out (I've got to put that thing away and get back to scrapbooking before Rachel gets back and her Cricut wants to go home to momma) I thought I'd try an idea I saw on etsy. This lady took her scrap material and made these adorable little belts. She was making them for girls so they had fun wild colors and flowers.... but I want to make one for my son, so I thought I'd try the leftover material from the kennel cover. Well, I don't recommend trying it with this heavy upholstery type material- by the time you get it down to baby belt loop size (1 inch) it's way too hard to turn right side out! But hey, it's done now! Here's the big question: is it too girly? I saw all these girly belts on etsy and now I'm having a hard time telling if it's boyish enough... Maybe if it was dark blue or black???

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