Friday, April 10, 2009

A New Light Box

My sister-in-law recently completed her flight training and is now officially a Flight Surgeon. (Yes, she's a doctor and a Navy pilot.) My husband (her brother) was really bummed that we couldn't afford to take several days off and jet out to Florida for the graduation so he requested that I make a special congratulations card. I think he specifically asked for "something with an airplane on it," but that might have been one of my all-too-real dreams. I'm sure that he made a comment about her golden wings.... So, I hit the internet and found some cool drawings.

Now, I'm a shameless tracer when the occasion calls, but I don't have a light box. I've been looking at them for a long time, but I honestly don't want to have to store one. They're bulky and I'm already short on space, so I just keep pining away.

Today, I was once again in a pinch. I don't have a light box and I don't want to practice enough to draw a good airplane... As I was sitting in my office, it occured to me that my laptop screen was almost like a light box- too bad using it that way would probably damage the LCD screen.... WAIT! My old classic TV isn't LCD or Plasma. hum...

Turns out, the TV is a GREAT light box. I had to use my DVR to find and pause on a mostly white screen, but the best part is that the static of the TV held my paper in place! Way cool!

Anyway, here's the finished card!

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