Sunday, October 18, 2009


My good friend came over the other day for a scrapbooking date and I had such great productivity that I just had to share. Here are the 4 cards I made while she was here. The best part about it was that our two boys played together while we worked! How great that NJ's getting to the age that I can work while he plays! Of course I wasn't quite as productive as if he'd just slept the whole time, but still- the fact that I got anything done at all amazes me! I suppose I better enjoy it while I can- according to my weekly Baby Center email, I only have 91 days left until baby #2 is here! eak!!!


  1. well well...I was admiring your lovely cards on the blog, and then I got to see one in person!! Thanks so much for the beautiful card. I feel very special to have received it! :-)

  2. I'm so glad you liked it, Emily! I suppose I should have waited a few days after I mailed them all out to post them up here, but I gotta post these things when the mood strikes or I never will!


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