Friday, May 1, 2009

Sell it or Give it Away??????

It's strange, but it's hard not to just post every card I make for sale on etsy.

When I started selling cards on etsy, I wasn't sure I could charge enough to make it worth while. Making a card takes way too much time and most people would just as soon have a bought card, so how could I ever put a price on one?

Then I had my first sale and the buyer (and every buyer thereafter) mentioned how lovely they thought the card was! I was hooked! It turns out that it's rewarding to give it to someone who appreciates it so much they're willing to pay for it!

My sister was recently at my mom's house and noticed a stash of all the hand made cards we'd given her. My mom's not really the type to keep everything, so it means a lot to me! :) (Mom, don't feel like you have to keep them all forever! I'll understand!) All that in mind, after selling four Mother's Day cards on etsy, (almost as soon as I listed them) I decided that I should make 6 for the moms in my life and hold them in reserve, to give them away (even though I was really tempted to sell them all).

Once I got going on the card making, I really got going and made some birthday and thank you note cards too! I think I made 18 cards this week!!! This is especially crazy to me because I usually really struggle to make more than 2 in one night!

Here's a collage of some of the cards. I'm really enjoying working with fabric, felt, buttons, and ribbon. I think I have my sister to thank for that- she's always encouraging me to put more stuff on each card!
It's so exciting to be on a roll, and it's so hard to get there, but now every other part of life has piled up and is waiting on me! So, I am reluctantly breaking my card making streak and resolving to focus on all that other junk.

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