Monday, July 6, 2009


Several weeks ago (maybe even months ago) a friend and I went to a local expo for women. Now that I think about it, I think it was on Mother's Day weekend... Anyway, one of the businesses there let you sit down and make a fun layout right there. It was a neat takeaway and it involved some techniques I hadn't done before, so it was double cool. Here's a photo of it.

However, as soon as I got home I realized I had no idea what I would do with it. It seems like such a crime to create something so pretty and then never use it, but trying to retrofit a completed layout to my photos is sooooo hard for me. I usually start with the photos and then figure out a layout to show them off.

In early May we got some great family portraits done, so when I picked them up in June I decided I wanted to use them for this rouge layout. Of course, then I realized another problem: I only had one layout and I always do spreads (two layouts that are meant to be seen together). Ug- a retrofit with a challenge...

In the end, I decided to cut the layout and put part of it on one layout and part on the opposing layout. Then I stole some white paper (see photo at right) from where it wouldn't show to frame NJ and added some blue as accents around the other two photos. I did my journaling on the computer and printed on vellum again (even though the snooty lady at the out-of-town scrapbooking store swears it doesn't work). Here's the end result! Now I just need some embellishments...

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  1. Those techniques look great! In fact, they look like the ones shown in the Jennifer McGuire Ink video tutorials I've been so excited about. I'm jealous you got to try them!


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