Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vote Now!

I'm trying to make some cards appropriate for guys. It seems like every time I have an occasion to send a card to a man I'm really stretching to find something that doesn't have GIRL written all over it. So, I made this set of cards last night as Man-cards. I was so proud and showed them to my husband and he informed me that they weren't really all that masculine... huh.

Now, I need to know, is my husband crazy or are these too girly for guys? Help me out here. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being all man and 1 being all girl, how manly are they?????


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  2. Well, they look manly to me. Or as Zack would say, "manish". A lot of current men's clothing has this same aesthetic. Of course, your hubby probably isn't wearing that particualr clothing...

    Overall, I'd give it a 7. I'm assuming 5 is totally gender nuetral, and I think this falls on the guy side by at least a couple of clicks. There are more conservatively masculine looks out there, but I would send this to a guy. Especially a hip guy. :)

  3. Totally honest: they are gorgeous, but they are not manly. On the plus side, I think a gal would buy these, and it certainly would add a different aesthetic to your collection.

    I think for a handmade card to be manly it would have to be a lot more plain. Lines over flourishes, and maybe even less texture.

  4. Ack - to follow directions: 5 being gender-neutral, I give it a 4.

  5. good to know- I appreciate the honesty!


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