Monday, November 30, 2009

More Birthdays

Ok, back to making cards for adults. I seem to be on quite a roll with this tracing stuff! These are made from a fun stamp set that I've always been tempted to buy. The base is one stamp and then you can add a cupcake top or a handle and steam! They're really very quick and easy to trace. After making a few of each, it occured to me that it would be very easy to make a variety of mug shapes.

The cards are all on a yellow base with a black layer and then a layer of the fun circle paper. I printed the words on a light blue coordinating paper (the back of the circle paper actually) using the computer. I had to use some glue dots to get them to stick down once I had the swirly paper clip on. The steams are all out of vellum and have some stickles. The stickles made the vellum curl pretty bad, but I found that if you did the stickles prior to cutting the steam out, it wasn't as bad...

When I made 4 of the latte cards I assumed that would be great for guys or gals, but my husband seems to think that they're a bit too fru-fru for real mean! Hrumph! What do YOU think????

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