Friday, December 4, 2009


Last month a wonderful friend of mine threw me a small baby shower. It's so great to get together with friends and she did a really great job! My favorite part was the craft she had at the end. She brought out a bunch of pre-washed onesies, iron on patch sheets, buttons, and fabric markers and had everyone decorate one! I made a little seahorse onesie and loved it so much that she brought me all the leftover supplies a few days later and I made some more and several shirts for my two year old! I guess technically you're supposed to sew around the edges of a patch, but I think that sounds like too much work, so we're going to try it without- I can always sew around them later, right?


  1. So you're going to start making versions for grownups, right?

  2. For grownups? Uh... what would that look like? You think the boys' daddy should have a matching red star shirt? Or maybe you're requesting a snowflake shirt for yourself? Careful, you're libel to get a camo dump truck shirt AND be expected to wear it!

    I should mention that one of the girls at the party made the onesie with the red star shown in the lower right corner!


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