Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Layouts

Each year I try to add two more years to my Christmas album- the current year and the next oldest year. So this year, during the Christmas season I worked on 2001 (shown at right here- click to enlarge). I used some of the new Martha Stewart paper my sister got me for Christmas.

Now I'm working on 2009. At first, I wanted to keep it to one spread (two facing pages) per year, but as we all get crazier with our digital cameras I find myself having a harder and harder time keeping each year down to one spread. In fact, I think 2008 has 3 spreads plus 2 more spreads of all the photo cards people have sent! So my new goal for 2009 is to limit myself to two spreads plus 1 spread with all the photo cards.

It seems like each year more people switch from a traditional card to a photo card. I love the photo cards- for many of our friends, it's the only printed picture we have of them for the whole year, so I'm determined to keep them. However, I don't really want to end up with more than half my album being a collection of photo cards. So, when a friend showed me Ali Edwards' solution, I was in love! Of course, I had to add some white space to be happy and I couldn't quite stand to cut off people's faces, so here's what mine turned out like this year!

Here's some previous year's Christmas spreads in case you're interested!
2008a 2008b

(click to enlarge photo)

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  1. The more I look at this layout the less I like it :(


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