Thursday, July 22, 2010

Party Planner

I feel like such a party planner!  I just finished up 50 wedding, 4 birthday and 9 baby shower invitations!

I did the wedding invitations with a BRIDES Magazine Invitation Kit that the bride bought at Michaels.  I have to say, it was fairly simple to use and print.  The only issue I had was that my printer didn't like printing on the shiny envelopes, so I had to use address labels, which aren't quite as pretty or fast.

The birthday party invitations were for my son's 3rd birthday.  They say to invite the number of kids for the years old the child is turning, but that just won't work for us. Try as I might, we could only cut it down to 6 'kid-friends' (as NJ like to call them).  He's a little crazy about PBS's Dinosaur Train these days so I wasn't too surprised when he chose DT for his party theme.  In past years I've been a little more papercrafty with the invitations, but I've been playing more with digital scrapbooking lately and ended up going all digital with the invites. They were very simple- a few images, a variety of text and Wa-la!

To keep my traditional paper-crafting side happy, I created little altered comp books for the kids.  I kept it fast and simple (since I was making 7 of them) by only altering the front cover of the books with an outline picture of the Ptreranodon Family to color and a full color DT Logo.  I have no idea what a 3 year old will do with a comp book, but I'm throwing in a box of crayons to help inspire them! By the way, I LOVE that NJ's birthday is near the start of school because I found the comp books for $0.25 each and the boxes of 24 crayons for $0.25 each!

Download .psd
For the baby shower invitations, I wanted to include the mom's nursery theme of purple and lambs but I was really having a hard time finding any lamb stamps. I went in search of lamb line drawings that I could print and came up flat.  When I found a nice photo of a lamb at Morgue File (great place for royalty free images) I decided to experiment with Photoshop Elements some more.  I'm not an Elements pro by any stretch, but I did manage to combine the lamb photo with other free digi elements (frames, paper, flourish...) to create a nice file I could then drop into word, 4 to a page and lay text over it. (next thing to learn in Elements is how to manipulate text in all the ways I know in Word).  If you'd like the .psd version with all it's layers (so you can change it easily), I've uploaded it here for you.  This is the first time I've shared files via, so someone please let me know how it works for you!  If it goes well, I can share more. It appears to have an annoying wait... anyone know of a better free service for sharing large files?

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