Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I never did any kind of advent growing up so the idea is a little new to me. I like it, but without any real traditions to fall back on I've really been making it up as I go:

First, I impulsively bought this adorable 25 boxes advent calendar a few years ago on clearance. I really don't want to put candy or any other kind of gift in it (the kids get enough of that stuff as it is) so I've been looking for a nativity sceen set to go in it ever since. I've been using a make-do one for the last two years but it's mismatched weird. I've been thinking about trying to make something or paint pieces or something!

Second, We had an advent wreath the last two years because our church offered great kits for a suggested donation, but I never kept the cheap foam ring base because it was already disintegrating after a month. So now I'm trying to scrounge around my house and make something into a wreath. Fortunately I kept the candles and I've got a lot of other junk around here.

Third, we've been using a little homemade pamphlet our church handed out in 2009 for a daily devotional to go with advent. Even at 2 years old, NJ understood that he had to sit through it before he was allowed to see what surprise awaited him behind the cute numbered door on the advent calendar. However, the material was way over his head and even now at 4 years old, he's not getting it.  So I've been working on a little advent book with daily devotionals he might understand.

How about you? Help me out here!! What are your advent traditions?

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  1. I have the same situation. Been looking for scriptures to go with gavin's advent calender. Each day we are putting a penny in the pocket for that day. At the end I hope for Jim to give all the change collected to our church. We have a kids coin jar that they contribute to. I like your idea about the nativity scene and adding one figurine each day, but my advent calender doesn't fit in something that large. Thanks! Kathleen Hill


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