Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My sister's mother-in-law got a nice big stack of scrapbooking paper at a garage sale for a great price, and was nice enough to bring it out at Christmas. She let us pilfer through it and swipe whatever we wanted from it (she's very generous like that). However, buried among the beautiful stuff was several sheets of this seriously funny paper covered in pink poodles! After several comments back and forth about how nothing good could come from this paper, someone suggested that we all take a sheet and accept the challenge of making a card from it. I think the only rule was that the poodles had to show.

Here's my answer to the challenge. I was quite impressed with myself, making a passable card with such crazy paper and even including an adorable pun on the card until I saw Deanna's card. You MUST check out her card too! It's OMG cute- chic even! She was on such a good role that she even made three more!


  1. Ohh!! I should have started my challenge long before now. Both of you have set the bar very high. Love what each of you have done.

  2. I think it's great! Seeing yours actually inspired mine. Before you did yours I had no idea what to do :)


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