Saturday, April 30, 2011

In the Hospital

This is a pair of layouts I created to tell the story of our hospital stay when Gunner was born.

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 This first one is very plain, but the photos are so meaningful to me that I really wanted to keep it simple. There's a bunch of text below the photos that I've blurred out, but otherwise, it's as you see it.
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 The second one turned out much more interesting- at least I have more to say about it: First, the footprints were done with this carbon copy type thing that keeps all the ink off the baby- very interesting. However, the ink rubbed off and smeared when you touched it. So, I scanned the image and reprinted it on acid free card stock. I hope this will preserve them nicely.

The second cool thing on this layout is that I used a borrowed mirror stamp to get a second seahorse facing the other direction! it worked very well and was much easier than I imagined (although I'm not sure what exactly I imagined would be hard about it).

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  1. Gorgeous! Are those three drops of Crystal Effects by the ribbon slider?


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