Friday, January 23, 2009

The Re-Scrapbooking Project

A long long time ago, before I knew any better, I put all my photos in those peel and stick albums. I like to think that I scrapbooking before scrapbooking was cool. Lately it's really been bugging me that all my photos are resting on acid and slowly rotting away. (don't you love drama?) So, I set about to convert my nine peel and stick albums to a simple photo-safe album. This is really very unusual for me. Normally, once something is done, even if it's not perfect, I can't stand to go back and re-do as long as there are other projects waiting. It's like re-reading a novel when I have a stack waiting to be read! Anyway, in the space of a few nights I managed to convert the six albums from my college days. It took over 120 pages, but the result is quite pleasant. I did zero embellishments and only journaled anything that written in the previous book (very little). Maybe someday I'll go back and fancy them up, but it's not likely.

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